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Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence, I am currently finishing the Master's at the University of Groningen by doing a graduation internship about Automatic Language Identification (LID) of music.

Outside of my professional life, I like to play the piano, guitar & melodica, and probably also any other instrument you'd hand me. I love to take photos as well: going out for a stroll with a camera in your hand, looking to capture scenes you haven't seen before, is one of the most calming activities you can do!

Whether you're reading this to find out more about me professionally, or if you have anything related to photography you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to contact me. I won't bite 😬

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Japan-Netherlands Student Conference

Every year, students from the University of Groningen and from the University of Osaka meet in one of the countries in order to discuss themes that are currently relevant, compare cultural differences and experience, and above all have fun. The theme of the 7th JNSC was: 'Education'.

7th JNSC


For an entire weekend, we could do research on a huge dataset from a well-known phone sales company/webshop. We tried to answer the question whether phone returns can be predicted, even before a potential buyer makes the purchase. The answer? To some extent: yes!

2015 - 2019

Teaching Assistant

I have been a student teaching assistant for the courses 'Introduction to Logic' and 'Language & Speech Technology', the latter for three years.

This includes teaching the course material to a subset of the students during tutorials or lab sessions, grading homework, assisting the supervision of exams, and helping with the material for the homework sets.

University of Groningen

Android app: 'Monochrome'

Developed and published the Android application 'Monochrome' to the Google Play Store.

"If there's no software that does what you want, then it's either time to create it, or time to realize it's a terrible idea."
- Herman Groenbroek, 2019

Monochrome on Google Play


2017 - present

MSc. Artificial Intelligence

With the main focus on 'Computational Intelligence & Robotics'.

University of Groningen
2013 - 2017

BSc. Artificial Intelligence

Broad focus, including programming in {C, C++, Java, Python}, Robotics, Linguistics, Psychology, Philosophy & Biology.

University of Groningen
March 2016

Extracurricular course on Entrepreneurship

Weekly lectures detailing entrepreneurship, including guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs.

University of Groningen
2007 - 2013

Highschool & Pre-university education

Dutch VWO; including courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (Dutch: 'Wiskunde B') & Economics.

RSG Ter Apel

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